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Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion

Kidnapping, extortion, hijacking and unlawful detention are very real and growing threats in today’s world and no longer limited to war zones and other hot spots.

Most individuals and companies, even those with risk management and security staff, are not prepared to deal with the overwhelming consequences of a kidnap or extortion threat.

Policies have been designed to pay for financial loss relating to the actual ransom, the victim’s medical expenses and salary, and for any temporary employee expense. Some policies even protect against the potential legal liability a company may face following such an event.

The policy also protects against and provides crisis management and security consultants services to manage incidents in conjunction with the policyholder.

Eligible Accounts:

No restrictions.

Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion insurance can be placed for individuals, families, corporations, partnerships, academic institutions, healthcare facilities and houses of worship.

The most vulnerable companies are those that have employees based or travelling overseas; organizations which have high profiles, handle large amounts of cash, or work with sensitive information or technologies.


  • Deductible: $0
  • Minimum Premium: $1,000
  • Kidnap/Alleged Kidnap: A seizure or detention of an insured person for the purpose of demanding ransom moneys.
  • Extortion: Payment demands following a threat to injure or kill an Insured Person; damage property; contaminate products; divulge trade secrets or destroy electronic data by computer virus.
  • Wrongful Detention: Involuntary confinement by a government entity or insurgent organization.
  • Hijack: Illegal holding under duress of an Insured Person while travelling on any aircraft, motor vehicle or waterborne vessel.
  • Coverage Includes:
    • Death or dismemberment benefits arising from a covered incident
    • Ransom / extortion payment
    • Loss in-transit of payment
    • Judgment, settlements and defense costs
    • Recall costs
    • Business interruption
    • 24 hour emergency response help line
    • Related expenses: consultants, salary, personal financial loss, medical costs, rest & rehabilitation, travel & accommodation, loan interest, reward, interpreter, forensic analysis, other reasonable & necessary expenses.
    • Evacuation and repatriation
    • Child abduction


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Other Coverages:

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