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The ability of a company to defend against legal action asserting infringement can cause serious financial harm to company's net worth and potentially result in either a bankruptcy or dissolution filing.

A Defense IP policy provides litigation expense reimbursement for intellectual property infringement suits brought against an Insured. This includes legal costs for assertion of patent invalidity counterclaims and the cost of re-examination proceedings initiated by Insured as a defense.  

Insured intellectual property reduces pressures to settle infringement cases because of mounting legal expenses and makes a company more attractive to investors.

Eligible Accounts:

A broad range of industry and commerce is eligible for this insurance.

Target Industries include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Technological/Electronics/Software
  • Biomedical
  • Medical Equipment/Devices
  • Textile/Fashion
  • Automotive Parts
  • Industrial Farming (“plant patents”)
  • Engineering firms


  • Claims Made and Reported policy
  • Worldwide Territory is available
  • Terms up to 3 years
  • Optionally coverage is available for the reimbursement of damage awards against an Insured
  • Limits: From $250K to $10M per Claim/Aggregate; higher limits may be available
  • Self-Insured Retention: Minimum: 2% of the per claim limits; higher self-insured retention available
  • Co-Pay: 10% minimum; higher co-pay available
  • Multi-Peril Coverage Extension: Provides first party coverage due to the loss of insured IP litigation and reimburses money directly to the policy holder beyond the legal costs of the underlying case.  Covered Perils include the Loss of commercial advantage, business interruption and the cost of redesign, remediation & reparations.


Indication Request Questionnaire (A short form for non -binding indications only)

Defense Application


2014 Patent Litigation Study

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