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Fidelity Bonds

Theft is a major contributor to business failure and is estimated to cost companies billions annually. Those dollars frequently come right off the bottom line. All firms are susceptible to loss through theft of money, securities, and other property of intrinsic value.

Eligible Accounts:

No restrictions.

  • Hull & Company, Inc. (RFO) places bonds for an extensive diversity of business and organizations:


  • Primary and excess
  • Discovery and Loss Sustained Forms
  • Worldwide Protection Upon Request
  • Employee Dishonesty
    • First party (full and part time employees, temporary staff, leased employees)
    • Third party (client and customer property)
    • Agents and independent contractors
    • Partners and Members protection
  • Robbery (on and off premise)
  • Safe Burglary
  • Forgery (outgoing instruments)
  • Counterfeit money orders and currency
  • Check Kiting
  • Credit Insurance for Your Receivables
  • Primary or Excess Coverage
  • Credit Insurance
  • Computer and funds transfer fraud
  • Kidnap Ransom/Extortion
  • Other features depending on the risk classification
  • Stand alone or combination programs - Follow form - annual or multi-year basis.


Varies by account. High limits available for large risks.


Commercial Crime Bond for Commercial and Government Entities-Stand alone policy

Commercial Crime Bond for Commercial and Government Entities-Package policy

Financial Institution Bond for Broker/Dealers-Form 14

Financial Institution Bond for Mortgage Bankers and Finance Companies- Form 15

Financial Institution Bond for Commercial Banks, and Savings Banks-Form 24

Financial Institution Bond for Insurance Companies - Form 25

Title /Escrow/Closing Agents Bond


Private Company Crime Trends 1-24-12 FINAL

Other Coverages:

All or most other coverages that comprise the Hull & Company, Inc. (RFO) practice are appropriate. Contact a staff broker to discuss a particular account.

All insurance product and/or coverage descriptions are informational only. It is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to purchase any particular insurance product. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.