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Professional liability lawsuits brought against accountants and accounting firms can be very costly and include allegations of malpractice, negligent misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, securities fraud and faulty business valuation.  Liability claims often don’t result from actual negligence but rather from unrealistic client expectations.

Professional Liability insurance helps accountants and accounting firms manage the costs of defending against a liability claim.  From CPA and general accounting firms to tax professionals, Hull & Company, Inc. (RFO) is actively placing Accountants Professional Liability insurance with Admitted and Non-Admitted insurance companies with A.M. Best ratings of “Excellent”.

Eligible Accounts: 

No restrictions.  Hull & Company, Inc. (RFO) is actively placing coverage for both lower hazard Admitted market type accounts as well as accounts that are better suited for the Non-Admitted market due to a more difficult risk profile.  Accounts that are eligible for the Non-Admitted market include firms involved in public and private audit, tax work, merger & acquisition consulting, litigation support services, forensic accounting, reviews, compilations, and unique “one-off” situations.   


  • Primary and Excess
  • Limit capacity of over $75 Million available for large risks



 New Business Application


Audit Engagement


Financial Institutions

Outside Interests

Public Company Audit

SEC Information

Other Coverages:

All or most other coverages that comprise the Hull & Company, Inc. (RFO) practice are appropriate. Contact a staff broker to discuss a particular account.

All insurance product and/or coverage descriptions are informational only. It is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to purchase any particular insurance product. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.