RF Ougheltree Insurance

Marketing & Placement Services

Exposure identification - This entails learning about the company and includes reviewing any existing coverage program to identify gaps and inconsistencies.

Development of insurance specifications that reflect current competitive trends, liability issues, and underwriter capabilities. We rely extensively on our relationship activity with carriers as well as on our in-house networking and knowledge base that includes our resource libraries and carrier archives.

Submission development - Clearly presenting the risk to the marketplace is vital towards negotiating responsive coverage. It is very important that submissions are complete because there is only a limited amount of time to capture the underwriter's attention and interest. Incomplete submissions will frequently waste time and generate declinations which otherwise could be avoided.   It is critical for all parties to a transaction to avoid wasting time with an unnecessary chase for information that should have been included in the initial submission.  Our extensive marketing experience across multiple coverage lines and prior underwriting experience from other organizations gives us a clear understanding of what is needed and how it is used. Helping you understand why certain information is important will help you obtain that information from the insured, who we understand is reluctant to provide certain information when lacking the appreciation for how it will be used toward procuring the required insurance coverage.

Market selection - The market is forever a moving landscape with changes coming at us all the time, but, with our numerous carrier relationships, practice team structure and extensive market intelligence we understand the dynamics and how the market is changing. Choosing the correct carriers to evaluate and quote a risk will help cut down on the unnecessary loss of time by submitting to carriers that do not have interest in a particular risk. In our coverage presentations to you we can confidently state that we are presenting the most competitive and fairly priced product that is available in the market at that particular time based on the information provided.

Market plan implementation.  In this phase of the insurance transaction our carefully prepared submissions are presented to various admitted and non-admitted insurance companies who we have qualified reason to believe can consider writing the requested policy. With the support of our CSR staff we make sure submissions are cleared, and assigned to an underwriter who is aware of our time table. Through analysis of preliminary coverage proposals, active discussion, and “question & answer” exchanges our staff brokers negotiate and hammer out coverage terms and pricing that are determined to be responsive to the insured’s needs.  Throughout this process the agent and broker is kept in the loop with phone calls and/or emails along with market activity reports that document the status of efforts to obtain quotations and coverage options so they are fully aware of the activity and in a position to participate in the efforts to obtain favorable terms.

Presentation - Coverage proposals are presented with supporting documentation that for eligible risks can include coverage analysis and form comparisons.  Our insurance presentations can be used for or integrated into a client’s presentation to the insured. Also, we can customize the marketing reports and coverage proposals with your name and logo.

Placements - Agent and broker bind orders are acknowledged right away and in most cases can be processed within 24 hours when all information requirements have been satisfied.

Policy delivery - Technology has dramatically improved the time frames for policy delivery so now policies can be delivered within several days from the date the bind order is processed. For those carriers that have not yet adopted robust e-processing and delivery systems, policy delivery can take longer and up to several weeks.  We can tell you what to expect when the bind order is received.

Mid-term service - Change requests are acknowledged right away and depending on the nature of the request can be completed within 10 days from date of submission.  Through out the year we endeavor to visit with agents and brokers to discuss insurance products and status of the marketplace and trends, and encourage our agent and broker clients to contact us for information they need to help them manage the insured’s expectations.  We will always be available for conference calls and/or meetings with insureds.

Renewal service - Renewal notices are released 60 to 90 days in advance depending on the line of coverage and carrier.  As coverage and marketing specialists we are not interested in just “rolling the renewal” but are focused on being proactive about inquiring about any exposures or coverage concerns that you feel have not already been addressed during the current policy period.  Account renewal reviews take into consideration the market environment, new exposure and coverage issues.